I have been entranced by borzoi since I was 12 years old and read a fictional story with a borzoi as the main character. Even though I grew up around the show ring I had never seen this breed and after that time actively started seeking them out. It was many years after college before I could entertain ideas of joining the dog fancy on my own but when the time came I knew my breed of choice would be borzoi. After my husband, Dan, and I purchased a home with enough room to give some dogs plenty of room to run we started looking for a couple zois to add to our family. Dan had never seen the breed before and at first thought my passion for them to be a cute obsession. He is as now as happily obsessed with them as I am and can often be found sitting on the floor talking to the "kids" and passing out his patented ear rubs. Our daughter, Heather, is also in love with "her" boys and has done some showing in fun matches, even taking a group III in one match with Blade.

Both Blade and Chasm came to us from Mary Childs and WindnSatin Kennels. Two years later they were joined by Shadow from Chris Radtke DVM and Caritas Farms.

More beautiful dogs have joined (and left us) since then.  We can happily say that we've had no shortage of mentors and have met a lot of wonderful people in the breed over the past few years and would like to say thank you for all the help and small kindnesses we have received from so many.

Eidolon Borzoi is located at the home of Dan and Connie Taylor in Southern Michigan just north of the Ohio/Indiana border. Please feel free to contact us using the form on this site.