Call name:
Date of birth:
Am CH Wind 'n Satin Ty Baba Louie SC
Gladkii Veter Mystic Dancer
Colors and markings:
White and silver
Mary Childs and Roy Silguero

Wind'nSatin Over the Edge

On August 19,2011 we said goodbye to Chasm. Her fight had been long and hard and when she couldn't fight any more we helped her cross the bridge.

Chasm was a Queen among our hounds and ruled her pack with an iron paw that she never had to use as all our other dogs automatically deferred to her without question. Her throne was the corner of a leather sofa next to a window. Here she could look down her long elegant nose at the other hounds and watch the yard for invading bunnies while still having a view of the refridgerator in the next room.

Chasm was a lady with delicate sensibilities. Never would she be caught  playing in the rain (she might get wet). She enjoyed being groomed and even groomed herself at times like a cat. One must look one's best.

Chasm was a hunter. I remember her first rabbit, the raccoons and of course the skunk.

Chasm was funny, and kissy, and sneaky, and dignified, and proper, and loving, and silly all at the same time. She was my first champion and my forever friend.

Dearest momma dog you will always be missed. Rest well and keep the piece of my heart you took safe.