Call name:
Date of birth:
Gladkii Veter Secret Asset JC
Belizar Close Encounter
Colors and markings:
Irish Marked Red
Gladkii Veter Borzoi

Update 2012:  Chili had suffered a puncture or injury that we were not aware of and he never let on about.  This developed an infection in his testicle causing it to tear.  An emergency castration was performed.  Chili is now Dan's bud who prefers to be outside when the weather is cool and spends his days playing with Pheonix and snuggling on the couch.

* * *

The Eidolon Family Are pleased to welcome and introduce to you

Gladkii Veter Poblano

After a few days of warming up Chili is fitting right into our crowd and learning the joys of soft couches and warm towel rubs. He loves sqeakies, balls and has formed a special bond with his new brother Radar.

Watch for Chili in the show ring in the near future where we have high hopes for this pretty and substantial boy.

At Chili's very first show he went Winners Dog, BOW, BOB over an open dog and an open bitch for his first point.  Thank you to Judge Klaus Anslem for seeing the potential in this pup.