Call name:
Date of birth:
CH WindnSatin Just A Moment
Am CH Wind 'n Satin Over the Edge JC
Colors and markings:
White and gold
Connie Taylor, Mary Childs, Roy Silguero and Dora Macdonald

Radar has been a dream dog. A true stallion male with a look at me attitude to this day.  He loved to show and had the most beautiful movement. He earned both his American and Canadian Championships easily and earned his JC with a craze for the lure that surprised even me. On top of all that he is just the most loving and affectionate borzoi you would ever want to meet. From the very beginning Radar wormed his way into our hearts and we truly love the big bobber.

On July 18 2007, we got the heartbreaking news that Radar had Osteosarcoma. and his leg was amputated. More than 6 years after Radar's diagnosis and him still going strong.  A biopsy had never been done (before or after the amputation) and at this point we are unsure if he ever had cancer.

Still a strong, healthy and very well loved fixture in our household seven years later.  We have had him collected to pass on his greatness to future generations.  We feel that he had a great deal to offer the breed and are offering frozen semen to approved bitches and well planned - well educated breedings.

Radar has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge but remains a fixture in our hearts and memories to this day.